The End of the Year is Just the Beginning!

Cloud 10 Production

As of today, Cloud 10 Productions has recorded Grandview’s alma mater on our new equipment! We will be giving a presentation at the end of the year Innovation Program convocation, where we will be sharing our results and comparing them to the quality of the same alma mater recording, except taken with an iPhone. Even we were blown away by how professional the singers of our high school music program sounded when recorded with our new equipment. It truly picks up every voice in the choir and it beats the recording capabilities of an iPhone by a long-shot! Cloud 10 is thrilled to be able to provide Grandview with these truly awesome possibilities! We know that so many students will create absolutely amazing things with this simple mic and computer set-up. With our mini recording materials also comes quite unique classes involving both specialized vocal lessons and production (learning the ropes of how to master music technology such as garage band). We would like to give a special thanks to our extra talented and extremely musically inclined friends who helped us set up, record, and get everyone on board along the way. Cloud 10 would not have been able to have had the outcome that we did without your constant help and support throughout the year! We would love to see you at our convocation on the 17th of May! 


It’s Finally Here!

Cloud 10 Production

After Cloud 10’s trip to the Guitar Center in Coconut Creek, we have finally been able to experiment with tangible equipment. Not only was the trip a success in both progress and overall music knowledge, but upon returning back to Grandview, tools of our very own had arrived! Our first package included a microphone, a mixer, a mic stand, a pop filter, and cables. We are so excited to assemble Grandview’s first desktop recording studio! It will be located in our campus’s music room, with our very own Mrs. Furman as it’s overseer. At first, this special addition to our music program will only be available to high school students. But eventually, we hope to be able to record students of all ages singing our school’s alma matter. This mini desktop recording area, will allow passionate students to pursue their own musical endeavors at a pace that best suits them. Our trip to Guitar Center has helped us gain invaluable information and advice from musicians and production specialists alike. Cloud 10 Productions was greatly benefitted by this trip, and would like to give a huge thanks to Guitar Center for welcoming our grandiose ideas with open arms, and helping us through the tough beginning stages of questions, doubts, and much enthusiasm. Stay tuned for many more exciting updates to come!   

Carpe Musicam!

Cloud 10 Production

Not only does Cloud 10 have an upcoming field trip to our local Guitar Center (featured above), but all of the necessary pieces for our very first production table have been picked out and ordered! A big thanks to both the hardworking members of Cloud 10 and Mr. Berey, our Innovation Program leader, for helping us kickstart our seemingly small project in order to pave the way for many huge and promising productions to come in the future! From scouting various local businesses in search of both donations and much appreciated advice (Louis-Charles), to researching and blue-printing what our future contribution to music will look like in person (Ricky and Jake) this past semester has proven to be most opportune due to hard work and dedication like theirs. With our new production table, we aim to record Grandview’s own choir students singing the beautiful school alma mater. The production table will be housed in Grandview’s music room, hopefully attracting many more voices than just that of previous music students. Both pictures of our Guitar Center field trip and some snaps of us assembling our very first brain child are on the way! Thank you for all of your continuous support, we look forward to the future! Stay tuned!

A Music Video You Can’t Miss!

Cloud 10 Production

Curious about the QR code featured above? Take out your smart phone and scan it to be linked directly to Cloud 10’s official promo video for our upcoming music studio! We are so excited to see our plans for the future come to life! Cloud 10’s official GoFundMe (linked here) is now up and running, along with our promo video (as seen above), and the search has begun for equipment and music technology for the studio. As our blueprints become more and more real, we also realize that creating a high school music studio is no easy task. This is why we have applied to the Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank contest (for a chance to win a large cash prize that would be put towards shopping for equipment), and we will shortly start looking around the Boca Raton area for inspiration and maybe even a few helping hands! Places such as other high schools with music studios, local music stores (such as Guitar Center), and even our very own music teacher Mrs. Furman, could lend us some extremely useful advice to use going forward. We have learned so much already about what it really takes to pull off an enormous goal like this one, and we are more excited than ever for what’s to come at the end of the school year! 

Pressing Play

Cloud 10 Production

Recently, Cloud 10 has been researching, planning, and learning all about what makes a mediocre school music studio into a great one. Although we cannot wait to build a studio of our very own, by observing other local school music departments we have realized just how much there is to learn. In the future we hope to be going on a trip dedicated to taking notes and learning all about what makes a school studio successful, and how that can be brought to Grandview. Wondering how you could help our ideas graduate from paper to reality?  Cloud 10’s fundraiser will be conveniently posted in the Great Room. In the beginning it will look like nothing but a paper version of an empty music room, but as we collect donations our poster will slowly become more and more populated with things like paper music notes, records, guitars, and microphones (much like the fundraiser for Pride Swim). 100% of our profit will be spent on important equipment for Grandview’s studio, such as a Mac computer. We hope that you will take as much interest in the music studio as we have already!

Looking Towards the Future

Cloud 10 Production

The potential room for the future music studio.

As the first semester continues on, our plans for Grandview’s Music Studio have become more and more real. Recently, Cloud 10 has visited the room (featured above) that is designated and more than capable of transforming into a student friendly recording studio by the end of the school year. We have been working hard to find all of the supplies necessary in making our high school’s music studio everything that it possibly can be. Looking towards the future, we have also estimated our round-a-bout budget and began brainstorming on some fundraising ideas that are sure to rally the whole school. We cannot wait to introduce our wonderfully innovative idea to Grandview students of all ages! Helping students find a love for music and the arts that they never before thought was possible, is the ultimate outcome of Cloud 10’s music studio. Above all, we plan to fulfill that goal no matter what the cost.  

Introducing Cloud 10 Productions

Cloud 10 Production

From left to right: Louis Charles Trottier, Rachel Weinberg, Ricky Rose, and Jake Greenberg.

When you think of school, you probably think of classrooms, sports, and maybe a few extracurricular activities. But a music studio isn’t usually one of the first things that comes into mind. We are Cloud 10, (featured above) and we plan to bring a whole new level of music education to our school, Grandview Preparatory, by building an on campus music studio. This studio will be used for everything from recording (both voice and instruments), to after school group rehearsals, and as a special recording space for school projects. We are beyond excited to bring our personal love for music and production to anyone who is as passionate about this as we are. Updates regarding our progress, fundraising, future plans, and of course many pictures will be posted right here!